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Parkinson's disease

Maureen B.

Training regimen
Group classes 2x per week. Golf 2x per week. Strength training 2x per week. Plays judo once per week. 
Movement history
Most recognized female Judoka in the United States in the 1970's. Marathon runner, cyclist, rugby player, and avid golfer. 
  • Short stride
  • Lack of arm swing on one side
  • Limited range of motion in the transverse plane
  • Shortened base of support
  • Limited extension of the arms during linear reaching trajectories
  • Increase stride length
  • Symmetrical arm swing that is more natural and less forced
  • Increase rotation through the hips
  • Increase base of support for better deliverance of power
  • Increase reaching past arms length

  • Practicing gait transitions that require increasing and decreasing amplitude of stride length
  • Focusing attention on the affected side to increase loss of subjective effort
  • Swinging clubs, throwing exaggerated upper cuts, using sound to evoke an emotional response that drives more effort to the hips in the transverse plane
  • Practicing moving base of support transitions increasing and decreasing base size
  • Boxing with a target that requires proper extension for effective feedback
  • Improved walking and overall endurance
  • Symmetrical arm swing that swings more naturally due to the increased stride length
  • More powerful punches and an increase in 40 yards on golf drive
  • More powerful punches because of the increased room beneath her feet to rotate and drive power
  • Harder punches and moving more dynamically

Video documentation

Darbe Schlosser is a life saver. Parkinson's is a very debilitating disease which has no cure. Darbe has the right approach to help her clients and make the workouts fun. I have seen clients who could hardly walk and now the affects are hardly noticeable. For me, I did have some noticeable symptoms but now I feel I have control over my body. However, you can't stop moving and exercising and let the disease get ahead of you. Darbe is very knowledgeable and always comes up with new exercises and movements that help diminish the Parkinson's symptoms. I have class with her twice a week and I do not intend to stop. 
Maureen B.