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Milly's Story

Imagine isolating yourself from loved ones, fearing your Parkinson's is contagious and that the curse of witchcraft could spread to your family.

In the quiet village of Seeta Uganda, whispers of witchcraft often cloaked the unexplained. Among these mysteries was Milly, a  beloved mother. In her early 40's she began to show signs—tremors, stiffness, and a slowing of movement. The family, gripped by fear and tradition, believed she had been cursed with Buko, a local term for witchcraft. The dread of contagion led Milly and Hannington's father to make a heart-wrenching decision: to keep Hannington and his sisters away. As a result, Milly endured her final years in heartbreaking solitude, isolated from the family she loved. At just 46, she succumbed to her struggle, her life marked by pain, starvation, and the unbearable loneliness of being misunderstood. It was a tragic end to a vibrant spirit, lost to cultural misconceptions.

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The Visionary

The Visionary

The Visionary

The Visionary

The Visionary

Hannington's story

Years later, Hannington, haunted by his mother's journey, reflected deeply on her struggles. It was during this time that he  stumbled upon medical literature that shed light on his mother's condition. He discovered that Milly had suffered from Parkinson's disease, a brain disorder that was neither a curse nor contagious. This revelation ignited a fierce resolve in Hannington. He vowed to illuminate the shadows of ignorance that had stolen his mother’s joy and life. Now, Hannington tirelessly works to raise awareness across Eastern Africa, ensuring that no other family endures the same fate. His mission is deeply personal and profoundly impactful, aiming to educate and support those who might otherwise be abandoned in their time of need. Motorvation is honored to join forces with Hannington and Parkinson's Si Buko Uganda. Together, we strive to transform pain into purpose, creating a future where knowledge dispels fear and compassion heals wounds. Through this partnership, we keep Milly's memory alive, turning her story into a beacon of hope and understanding for all.

St. Cyprian School

Thanks to Jim Kroeger and the continued support from the school board and administrators, we have transformed an undeveloped space into a fully functional virtual educational headquarters.   

The school is located in Kyabakadde, a rural community 25 miles NE of Kampala. This space serves as a cornerstone for movement science education tailored for Parkinson's disease.

The space also serves as a hub, fostering a new perspective on the transformative power of exercise and martial arts among youth, paving the way for active lifestyles across Uganda.

St. Cyprian Youth

Since September of 2023, 45 students have participated every weekend in Tang Soo Do karate sessions guided by Nate Ward, a second degree black belt martial artist and a person living well with Parkinson's. Nate instills upon his student the value of resilience, discipline, and determination.

Three of these students receive intensive private sessions 3 days per week with Darbe Schlosser, the founder of Motorvation. Motorvation clients from around the globe attend these educational sessions so these students can immerse themselves in symptom specific virtual training.

The youth at St. Cyprian will lead quarterly Sports Galas for surrounding schools, championing the benefits of martial arts and movement education within the community.

The Leaders

The Leaders

The Leaders

The Leaders

The Leaders

The Leaders

The Leaders

Mr. Mugambe
Village Health Workers

Hannington Kabugo has recruited and trained more than 200 volunteers from across Uganda to venture into villages, identifying people with Parkinson's to establish a census for delivering medication.

Twenty percent of these volunteers are University graduates who are unable to find work. Motorvation will be contracting these graduates who will each oversee 100 people with Parkinson's and elders annually, implementing the Arc Training System which combines aerobic, resistance, and cognitive training.

By 2028, we aim to have implemented ARC Training Systems into the homes of 15,000 elders and individuals with Parkinson's disease. The training will continue expanding by reaching out to young care partners, empowering them to bring this training into the homes of their own elder family members. This is a sustainable model because exercise and movement are forms of self-empowered medicine.

U.S. Underserved communities

The 3 team leaders will be leading virtual group Parkinson's exercise classes in underserved cities in the United States.

The first city will be in Chicago and will be led out of the Motorvation Martial Arts Academy Global Headquarters in Lincoln Park.

This model will branch out to Flint Michigan in the fall of 2024.

Self Defense

Peace, longevity, wisdom, and pride are key tenants of our self defense classes. To have peace and longevity we must be aware, strong, and able to ward off danger. Having these skills brings pride, but knowing when it is appropriate to use them is the wisdom learned in our training.

In late summer of 2024, we will outfit the Parkinson's virtual education space at St. Cyprian with martial arts and exercise equipment making it an official brick and mortar branch of the Motorvation Academy of Martial Arts.

In 2025, we will establish the first brick and mortar karate dojo affiliated within the International Tang Soo Do Federation across the entire continent of Africa. This dojo will be run by the St. Cyprian students we are currently training and it will be Uganda's epicenter for improving motor and cognitive performance for the youth and elders.

Educational Ambassadors

The team leaders from St. Cyprian will be contracted through Motorvation. They will speak throughout the year at local schools across Uganda to dispel myths about Parkinson's being witchcraft and also to inspire the youth about career opportunities where success and positive impact can be achieved without extensive financial investment in formal education.

Ambassadors will receive communication and leadership training from a respected company whose CEO, a member of the Motorvation Parkinson's community, will empower them to effectively communicate complex topics, catalyzing positive change among their peers.

Utilizing the virtual education space, we will launch training programs globally, allowing the ambassadors to extend their reach by speaking to youth at schools throughout East Africa.

Parkinson’s Events

The virtual educational headquarters will host quarterly Parkinson's events, transporting elders from surrounding villages for all day sessions. These events will unite youth and elders under one roof, learning from one another and fostering intergenerational change.

In April of 2024, we hosted our first in person event attracting over 45 elders with Parkinson's, school administrators, and youth, totaling over 100 attendees. This full day event featured interactive sessions led by the youth and Motorvation.

We will utilize this space to bring esteemed speakers from around the world virtually to educate elders with Parkinson's during quarterly events. This provides opportunities for experts to extend their knowledge while facilitating learning directly from the individuals who would otherwise never have the opportunity to have their voices heard.  

Special thanks to the artist, Zoltan Csillag, for beautifully recreating Milly and crafting a stunning piece where she overlooks Uganda. Positioned within a pearl, symbolizing Uganda as the 'Pearl of Africa,' the artwork skillfully depicts Uganda's geographical diversity: the southern part with the most abundant water sources, moving up to the equator represented by darker shading-symbolizing the countries hottest region. Moving northward, the painting captures the brightest regions and transitions into the flat terrain of the north. Zoltan  captures Milly as a guiding spirit, watching over our mission and the work we strive to achieve. Thank you, Zoltan!

P.S. The color scheme of the sliders follow the Ugandan flag, connecting with the crane in the middle.  
Join the fight!

Motor control and motor learning as it applies to People with Parkinson’s disease.

Motorvation’s Methodologies as it applies to a boxing and circuit training platform

Video analysis and strategy sessions

Sitting to standing

Sciatica syndrome flare ups

Freezing of Gait


Increase his movement velocity for an extended period of time while moving on a continuous cycle.

Improve his ability to move with purpose through mental imagery.

Reduce the time it takes to get dressed.

Improve weight transfer when sitting to standing.

Reduce back pain.

Develop and utilize strategies during freezing episodes.

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