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Think & Move Well With Parkinson’s

Discover the latest 4 step method helping people with parkinson’s improve cognitive and motor performance so they can lead an active and independent life…

Without the pressure of invasive procedures, increasing monthly refills, or wasting time on elementary exercise programs.

In this Masterclass, I’ll share:

A common mistake people with Parkinson’s make when they workout that can aggravate their symptoms (and what to do instead)

How aerobic exercise can actually make symptoms worse. New discovery shows a smarter way to improve cognitive and motor performance

The surprising reason why most people with Parkinson’s don’t move well when they are under stress…and how to avoid it

About Your Host

Darbe Schlosser is a Columbia graduate in motor control and motor learning.

She is also a biomechanics specialist with nearly 10,000 hours of fieldwork in Parkinson’s disease neuromotor training.

Darbe is most well known for helping people with Parkinson’s improve their cognitive and motor performance through her innovative 4-step Think and Move Well method, and inside this free training she reveals exactly how it all works.