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Adopting a training mindset requires you to be open to learning, to practice, and to play. We will work together to unlock your potential, break free of the Parkinson's cage that confines you, and rediscover your inner athlete.

Who We Help
Early Onset

Early onset Parkinson's disease is when onset of symptoms are between 21-50 years of age. Early onset presents unique challenges. Juggling work, family life, and personal obligations. Maintaining employment longevity. Staying proactive physically and mentally to mitigate the disease progression. I can help you build confidence and elicit positive behavioral changes. Learn strategies specifically for 'On" vs "Off" times.

Late Onset 55+

Late onset Parkinson's disease is when onset of symptoms are after the age of 50 years old. Postural instability gait disturbance “PIGD” is more common in late onset. It is associated with a more progressed disease state with a higher fall risk. If you have a postural abnormality, shuffling gait, freezing of gait, decreased arm swing, it's important to develop effective strategies to reduce fall risk. The Motorvation system was made for these types of hypokinetic motor presentations. You will learn better pelvic control, how to transfer weight and counteract momentum, you will regain symmetry with your body, and indirectly reduce pain.

Care Partner Duo

Our care partner integrative model is an innovative approach intended for those at an increased risk of falling or who need assistance during exercise. The main focus is to avoid becoming a fall statistic, to increase longevity by staying active and consistent, and to continue participating in meaningful family activities. Through observational modeling, the care partner will learn how to administer effective cueing techniques for basic movement skills that will promote learning outside of the training sessions. These factors all contribute to reducing the care partner burden.

How We Help
Think and Move Well
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3 month asynchronous program that includes extensive course material in addition to 19 virtual live sessions. This is a foundational course that will change your outlook on movement. You will learn defensive/off state, offensive/on state, and transitional movement tactics to successfully build a life of movement.

Recalibrate- maximize range of motion, improve attentional strategies, and Learn to Lead yourself

Integrate- customized Brain Blast dual task training

Modulate- learn to create disruptions in your movement that are intentional

Assemble- link everything together into your own customized 30 min. aerobic workout

View Our Master Class
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Monthly membership platform that builds off of the Think and Move Well 3 month course

Golfers and Gardeners Class

Technical Martial Arts footwork for performance and fall prevention  

Holistic Health and Habit Building Webinars

Dual task training- Beginner, Intermediate, and our exclusive Motorvation Grand Masters

Creative Cognition and Novelty  

Lateralus- aerobic and drumming class. Not cardio drumming.  Drum sticks and pad required

View Our Course
Proprietary Process
Brain Blast

The ability to concurrently perform two motor tasks at the same time or a motor and a cognitive task at the same time. Dual tasking aggravates gait disorders in Parkinson's and can increase the risk of falling and reduce functional mobility. Dual task training is important and beneficial if administered safely, with a graded approach, and with an emphasis on effective attentional strategies.

Optimize attentional resources while thinking & moving

Improve cognitive flexibility

Understand how your own movement deteriorates when there is a cognitive task involved

Build a tool box of strategies that are specific to "on" vs "off" states, stress induced motor responses, and potential functional overlay

Enhance your expectancies by raising the bar and achieving more than you expected possible

Recognize and correct maladaptive movement patterns

Improve performance and become empowered and more actively engaged in your community

Think and Move Well Method

Step 1

Customize Cues

Step 2

Integrate Tasks

Step 3

Modulate Effort

Step 4

Optimize Arousal

Fulfillment and Refund Policy

If you are ready to build a life of movement, rediscover your inner athlete, and age successfully

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Mind in Motion. Body in Motion.

Mind in Motion. Body in Motion.

Mind in Motion. Body in Motion.

Mind in Motion. Body in Motion.

What our clients say

"Darbe Rocks"... Paul C.

View Our Case Studies

“I have found Darbe’s approach to be complementary to traditional physical therapy. It has been particularly effective at getting my affected side for PD to be able to respond better during
exercise as well as day-to-day activities. I was able to measure the improvement in speed and impact of punches over time utilizing VR boxing."

Trent M

Los Angeles, Ca

"Diagnosed at 42 and living in an isolated community, meeting Darbe was life changing for me. Parkinson's is an extremely challenging disease. Watching myself in videos, the bradykinesia was the only thing I saw. Darbe and her training methods are making a significant improvement on one of my most challenging symptoms and that feels pretty awesome!"

Koren S

Gander, Newfoundland

“The minute you're diagnosed the smartest thing you can do is contact Darbe Schlosser. She will keep your body in shape, sharpen your mind, connect the two, and put a smile on your face. She's almost worth getting Parkinson's for...almost..."

Barry B

Los Angeles, Ca

“Darbe's unique experience working with those living with PD has helped her develop a truly amazing program. I've used some of her vocal cues to help myself and boxers I train in my Rock Steady classes. Darbe lit a passion in me for juggling. Darbe has been a life changer for me, and I know she has been for many others as well..”

Ned N

Peoria, Il

“Darbe has helped me feel more confident in my cognitive and motor abilities. The multi-tasking exercises can be challenging and I love that because easy doesn’t help you grow. The community that Darbe is building is another drawing point for me, I am very appreciative of the support and friendships I’ve developed by working with the Motorvation community.”

Tatiana W

St. Augustine, Fl

"I met Darbe at the Lafayette reservoir. When I learned about her expertise with Parkinson patients I immediately signed up for her zoom class. No disappointment as she is a terrific instructor. Each week I take a class and am much better for it. Darbe is a godsend for Parkinson people."

Kevin D

Orinda, Ca

"I am 41 years old and I was diagnosed with YOPD at the age of 38 and ever since the diagnosis I have worried about the cognitive side of the disease. Being at the height of my career as an Executive Assistant, my cognitive health feels just as important as keeping my motor symptoms under control.
I am so happy I met Darbe - Brain Blast has given me confidence and hope for my future. Darbe is an amazing coach and the classes are a lot of fun. In less than 6 months I have memorized 350 digits of Pi, I am learning to juggle and I feel like I am keeping both my brain and my body active by combining memory exercises with movement. I am convinced that these exercises will help me be able to work longer and do better overall. I am so grateful for Darbe and the amazing job she is doing for the PD community. "

Mona E

Oslo, Norway

"Running a company while having Parkinson’s is not easy. There are so many things to think about in addition to thinking about my mental state and the image I project to my employees and the outside world. Darbe's cueing helps me focus and recenter.  In the past, I would’ve focused on the embarrassment of dyskinesia, which would’ve made it worse. Now I'm learning how to minimize my dyskinetic tendencies, helping me retain focus and feel better about myself. The group learning environment is particularly enjoyable and helpful. It not only builds a sense of community but seeing others struggle and succeed is both reassuring and inspiring."

Vivek P

Arlington, Va
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