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Parkinson's disease

Ned N.

Training regimen
Rock Steady Boxing (also coach), meets over Zoom with a couple of fellow YOPD folks twice per week for HIIT workouts, Peloton training, speed bag and juggling training, in addition to strength training 2 times per week with a personal trainer. PF grant recipient and Train 2 Train member. 
Movement history
Lettered in Hockey all 4 years in HS. Long distance runner, baseball and soccer, Tennis for fun. 

Dystonia on right side making it difficult to juggle

Dystonia on right side impacting punch accuracy

Dystonia on right side shorting punch ROM 

Long combos with foot placement accuracy


Juggle with a 3 ball cascade for longer duration

Develop more accuracy at different punching/reaching ranges

Increase punch ROM and symmetry

Improved ability to deconstruct and reconstruct complex combination and movement sequences


Develop compensatory strategies to incorporate more of the non affected side to increase juggling duration

Find different ranges, hold the position, and use feedforward control to better predict endpoint

Attentional shifting to the opposite side of body to facilitate greater trunk rotation

Implement Motorvation principles to create a sequence of single syllable directive cues that guide the body through longer complex movement sequences


Juggling at different dwell rations and modulating effort for long durations

Increased variability of punching ranges indicating strategic placement of effort

Increased velocity and ROM at the trunk during his cross punch

Improved foot placement accuracy and flow through long and complex movement patterns

Video documentation

Darbe and I met in early 2018. She and I remained in touch, bouncing ideas off each other, which eventually morphed into working with others on a Train 2 Train program. Darbe's unique experience working with those living with PD has helped her develop a truly amazing program that helps people work through the issues that come with Bradykinesia. Using vocal cues to trigger the brain has been an eye-opener for me. I have been able to use some of these techniques with the boxers in my Rock Steady classes with great results. Darbe lit a passion in me for juggling (I had never tried before she suggested teaching me). It is a great way to challenge myself and to teach others that anything is possible when living with PD. People say to themselves "I can't do that, how is he able to do that when he is living with PD.? In short, Darbe has been a life changer for me, and I know she has been for many others as well. 
Ned N.