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Parkinson's disease

Paul C.

Training regimen
Calisthenic training at high intensity and weight training. Boxing for cardio. Brain Blast for speech. 
Movement history
Competitive swimmer, soccer player, wrestling, and football from 4-18 years old
  • Freezing of Gait
  • Festination
  • Speech
  • Connecting his voice to command his body during
  • Motor control flexibility
  • Develop automatic attentional strategies during freezing to reduce freezing episodes and duration
  • Modulate effort to better control amplitude of movement
  • Speak more clearly
  • Increase mindfulness
  • Transition quickly to different movements without eliciting a freeze
  • Practicing accessing effective cueing in real world situations- Red Rock, Valley of Fire, Santa Monica, etc.
  • Changing tempos of movement which require changes in spatial parameters
  • Changing tempos of speech to develop better vocal control
  • Using the improved vocal control to improve motor control through self produced sound cues
  • Being able to do all of this while transitioning to different movement at different tempos


The attentional strategies during freezing have helped. His freezing is quite severe so it is a work in progress but he is doing much better than when we first started. We are beginning Brain Blast private session the week of May 8th and are hoping for promising results. Stay tuned.

Video documentation

Paul's mind is always racing and once he is able to find space he can use his body more effectively, he can find greater ranges of movement, greater amplitude in step length and in the length of his punches. 
Practicing attentional strategies during off times and freezing episodes. This was after an exhausting day and meds worn off. we are shifting the goal to try and override the freeze. There are a lot of distractions so not 100% effective however he is reducing the impact of the forward falling. The goal is to reduce the need to fall forward completely. This is progress from what typically happens with repetitive forceful falling forward that could lead to an injury. 
Practicing attentional strategies during off times and freezing episodes. Paul was in the process of getting his meds straightened out but needed practice with using strategies so we did his training at the Valley of Fire in sand and through obstacles. Was a challenge but provided real world training which is priceless! 
Continuing to improve in boxing skills.
Freezing on land but swimming like an olympian athlete in water. 
Paul C.